My landlord is turning up unannounced

My landlord is letting themselves into my house or turning up at my home without warning. What should I do?


Tenants have the right to "quiet enjoyment" of their home. Unless there is an emergency, your landlord or their agent must give you at least 24 hours’ notice if they intend to visit.

It must be at normal times of the day and for legitimate reasons - that is, to check the condition of the property or to do repairs, or for inspections required by law, such as gas safety. If it is a legitimate reason, you can ask them to come at a different time.

Apart from genuine emergencies, landlords cannot enter a tenant’s home without their consent unless they have a court order. If they do so, it could be considered harassment, which counts as a criminal offence.

Contact your local council if you believe your landlord is harassing you.

You may be justified in having the locks changed on the doors to your home - there is more information about this here

You might also want to consider contacting an expert advice organisation for help.

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