Meanwhile, in Spain

Jul 09, 2015 6:05 PM

This week, the judge in the case of Bloc La Bordeta, an occupied flat block in Barcelona, ordered the eviction of nine adults and four children, despite both Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Government having urged that the families be allowed to remain in their home of 6 months. Once the injunction arrives, the occupants will have seven days to leave, before being forcibly evicted and in all likelihood, left on the street. 

Since 2009, the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH or Platform for Mortgage Affected People) have been occupying some of the 3.4 million flats that lie empty across Spain, through their scheme Obra Social. The Obra Social aims, through civil disobedience, to provide homes for those without any alternative and has so far successfully rehoused 2000 people.

This particular building, named Bloc La Bordeta by the PAH, lay empty for eight years until February of this year (PAH’s 6th birthday) without a water supply and a huge unpaid mortgage. The construction company Nyala 2006 SL have handed responsibility for the mortgage to the ‘Bad Bank’ SAREB, which owns 13 out of 30 buildings occupied by Obra Social. The SAREB utilises tax payers funds and therefore, the debt of a private construction company is effectively being subsidised by public money. As the PAH put it ‘Si la SAREB ha sido rescatada con dinero publico, sus pisos son de la ciudadanía – If the SAREB has been rescued with public money, its flats belong to the citizens.’

However, both Nyala 2006 SL and the SAREB are entirely refusing to take responsibility for the building or become involved in the judicial process while paradoxically supporting the evictions of the families who live there. The judge who ordered the eviction, which is imminent, has systematically ignored Article 47 of the Spanish constitution, which states that no eviction can take place without adequate resettlement, none of which has been offered to the families currently in residence.

To support PAH and the families of Bloc La Bordeta, email [email protected] with ‘adhesión-support’ as the subject.

¡Si se quiere, se puede! – If you want to, you can!