East Village tenants face Olympic rent rises

Apr 03, 2015 12:05 PM

Over the last 18 months renters and shared owners have been enticed to live in the East Village with the promise of being part of a new, exciting community. But for almost 400 households in "80% of market rate" intermediate rent, that dream is turning sour.


The intermediate renters' landlord, Triathlon Homes, has now started demanding rent rises of up to £300 per month. They are insisting that they're not a housing association and don't have to obey HCA guidance on affordable rents. But at the same time they say they are a housing association and therefore don't have to register with Newham's private landlord licensing scheme.

Triathlon has also bullied tenants into accepting new contracts on threat of eviction, and told shared owners not to support intermediate renters as bad publicity will bring down house prices!

I am myself a Triathlon intermediate tenant and they've offered me a 0% rent increase. And I'm in fear that by standing up for my neighbours I too will face eviction. Triathlon is simply behaving like a greedy, bullying landlord of the worst kind and we need your help to stop them.

Please write to Boris Johnson and Newham Mayor Robin Wales asking them to back us. We're asking for;

  • an end to Triathon's bullying tactics
  • Triathlon's prosecution for failing to license as a private landlord
  • rent rises capped at average wage increases
  • a "roll back" for any tenant who has been bullied into a contract change they don't want

Many thanks for your help.

Alex Hilton

Director, Generation Rent